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How Many Devices can I use with Memory-Map?

Unless otherwise stated in the product description, all maps are licensed for a Single User, on multiple devices. That means you can install the maps on all your devices, Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.  You can not give a copy to a friend or colleague.

Use on a household member's device is permitted. Technically, the Single User license means one individual person, but we accept that household members are often outdoors together. It is beneficial to have the maps installed on more than one device as a backup in case of a breakage or flat battery.

How does it work?  Simply sign into your account in the app, and install your maps using "My Online Maps". The license is automatically activated without any hassle of counting devices, and without having to migrate licenses from one device to another.  If someone creates a new account, they can install maps on 5 devices on day one. As time goes on, additional devices are permitted. Behind the scenes, device utilization is compared with the typical patterns of utilization, and an AI classification algorithm determines whether to put your account "On Hold".  99.9% of people will never bump into this limit. If you are an extreme gadget lover and get a new phone every year and now and again get a new PC and a new tablet, that is well with the limits. You have nothing to worry about.

In the unlikely event that you see "On Hold" in your account, contact us via the Support form. We will determine if you need a multi-user account, or just reset the classification. If you are "On Hold" and need an immediate activation, you can still migrate licenses from an old device using the license management web portal.