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Deleting obsolete devices from account

You may find that your device list in the Memory-Map "Activity" page on the web site is cluttered with old devices that you no longer use.  People often ask us how to deactivate or get rid of these old devices. 

Please rest assured that your old devices in the list have no effect at all on your use of licensed products. There is no need to remove them, and sometimes it is helpful for technical support if we can see your complete history. The bottom line is, it is not possible (or necessary) to remove your old devices. 

Often, people are struggling with the license management pages on the web site because they have not read the How to Access Purchased Maps article. 

  • You should be using the app, not your web browser. In the app, in the Map List, use the "My Online Maps" button.  
  • If it says you don't have any Activation Rights, the most likely reason is that you have selected the wrong map. You need to delete the map, then use "My Online Maps" and try again.