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Downloading the map too slow

We host our map data on AWS, which is one of the fastest servers available. However, it is not just a question of bandwidth but also latency. Many users have security software, on their computer, router or at their ISP, which filters all the traffic adding a high latency to each transaction. If your download is very slow it is worth trying the download on a different Wi-Fi network or turning off your firewall. A connection with faster advertised speeds is not aways faster to download.

If you are in a hurry, just download the area you need, See https://support.memory-map.com/443287-Downloading-a-specific-area-of-a-map
You can bulk download a large area, say, the Lake District National Park, very easily in just a few minutes.

Our new app, Memory-Map for All, includes the ability to backup and restore a set of maps, so you can easily copy them from one device to another without having to re-download. See https://memory-map.com/mm-fa-help/topics/copyingmaps.htm