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How to migrate license activations from an old device

Migrating licenses is no longer necessary. Just sign into your account from the new device, and use the My Online Maps button to access your purchased maps. See How to Access Purchased Maps for more details.

Our web site has changed, and the option to migrate license activations has moved.

Before you proceed, it is worth noting that 99% of customers no longer have to migrate license activations. We introduced a new scheme that has "Automatic" license management, so all you need to do is sign into your account from your new device, and your purchased resources are available to activate. The only people who have to migrate are commercial multi-user accounts and users of certain maps such as older OS maps, CAA charts and Marine charts where the publisher has special license management requirements.
You must have installed the Memory-Map app and signed into your account before performing the steps below.

  • Sign in to https://w2.memory-map.com
  • Click Activity and select the Purchases tab
  • Click on the package name for one of your purchases
  • Click Utilization for the resource you want to use. This shows a list of devices that currently have activated the resource.
  • Choose which one you want to migrate and click on the device name.
  • At the bottom of the screen (if you have signed in from a newer device) there is the Migration control. Select the newer device you want to use and click Migrate.
  • In the app on the new device, use My Online Maps and Maps Everywhere to ensure you are opening the correct map