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How to Give Memory-Map as a Gift

The Memory-Map apps and the maps in the Digital Map Store are all online downloads, but it is possible to give the maps as a gift (or put them on your list as a gift for yourself!)

When you click any of the "Buy" links on our website, there is an option during checkout to buy as a Gift Certificate. For example:


You don't have to sign-in to a Memory-Map account in order to buy a gift certificate. When you click a buy link, there is an option to proceed as a Guest (in which case the Gift certificate is the only option at checkout). If you do have an account, that is fine - the gift certificate purchase doesn't affect your own account.

When you complete the purchase, the gift certificate is displayed in your browser and it is sent to the email you provided during checkout. You can print the certificate and put it in a nice greeting card to give someone, or you can email to them. You don't have to give us the email address of the recipient - you can forward the email that we send to you.

The recipient can go to the website, create a Memory-Map account, and enter the Serial number of the gift certificate. Then, they can install the app, and use the "My Online Maps" button to access their new maps. The maps may be downloaded onto 5 devices.


  • Some products, such as Upgrades, can't be given as a gift certificate, because they depend on the user's eligibility (use a monetary gift voucher instead, in this case).
  • You can use gift certificates in a company, where the person paying for the software is not the person using it.
  • If the gift is for a subscription, the 1 year subscription period doesn't begin until the user redeems the serial number.
  • Gift certificates are refundable if they are not used
  • If you don't know exactly what map to buy, you can give a monetary credit voucher, which can be used to buy anything in the digital map store. Vouchers are available for a variety of amounts in different currencies. They are redeemed in just the same way as a regular gift certificate.

Buy a USD Gift Voucher (from $10): CLICK HERE

Buy a GBP Gift Voucher (from £10): CLICK HERE

Buy an AUD Gift Voucher (from $20): CLICK HERE

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