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Trouble-shooting Printing problems

NOTE: The Windows update on March 9, 2021 has broken printing the map in Memory-Map.

UPDATE: we have a new version of Memory-Map for Windows PC that we think avoids this problem. Download Memory-Map version 6.4.3

Note that if you are using Memory-Map v5 or earlier, installing v6 doesn't remove the old installation. You have to run Memory-Map 6.4.3 using the new icon. If the new build doesn't work for you, please check the version using Help > About.

Another thing you can try is to uninstall the Windows update, as follows:

Press the Windows Key, Settings, Update & Security,

Click View Update History

Click Uninstall updates

Click Security Update for Windows (KB5000802)

Click Uninstall

Reboot the PC when prompted.

Some customers are reporting that they had to remove (KB4601050 ) And (KB4601319)


Troubleshooting other common issues

If your printout contains overlays (marks, routes, etc) but not the map, then the reason is typically that the map is not downloaded in sufficient detail. Before you print, Zoom out to view the whole area you want to print on the screen, then click the Map menu, Digital Map Store, Download Map Area in Window.

If the printout contains just the copyright text and does not print the map of overlays, then reducing the DPI setting in the print dialog may solve the problem.