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Installing or Reinstalling the Memory-Map software

This article covers the installation of Memory-Map on a new computer or re-installation on an existing computer following a system recovery and/or re-installation of the operating system.
If you've recovered or upgraded your computer and/or re-installed Windows, your PC will have taken on a new Hardware Identity so it looks like a totally different/new PC to the Memory-Map registration system.

Your license permits you to install Memory-Map on a certain number of PCs that you own (the limit is typically two PCs or five devices total). If you have not used up all your activation rights, activating another PC is straight forward.
  1. If you are using an older computer that has been updated to Windows 10, ensure that you have write access to your Documents folder (eg, see here)
  2. Simply install the software (and maps, if you have them on DVD). Always install the latest software version from the Download page before loading the maps from disk.
  3. The first time you open a map or use a managed feature, the software will prompt you to Activate the license. Go ahead and sign in to your account.
  4. When prompted, give the PC a unique name, different from a previous incarnation of the same PC. For example "Home-PC-2"
  5. If the resources are available for activation from your account, go ahead and click Activate.
  6. In the menu Help > License Management you can see what resources have been activated on this computer.

Note: If you have serial number from a DVD package, this is NOT needed for re-installation. The serial number is only used one time, when you register the serial number into your account. Once a serial number has been registered, the resources are stored in your account, and you only need your user name and password for re-installation.

If you have used up all the Activation Rights available in your account, the Activate button is greyed out. However, you can Migrate the Licenses from an old, retired or defunct PC to the new one.
  1. Click here and sign into your Memory-Map user account in your web browser.
  2. Click on History. At the bottom of the page you will see all the computers and mobile devices that are registered to your account.
    Take a moment to look at these and decide which one you want to Migrate the licenses from and which is the new computer that you want to Migrate to. Your new computer will probably be the one indicated as "Recent sign-in". Click on the name(s) of the machine(s) so you can see what licenses are activated where. Note that the server is on British time so if you are in Australia or NZ, the dates might show as yesterday's date.
  3. If you have two machines that have a confusingly similar names, now is a good time to rename them. Click on the machine name to view the Hardware history, then click Change Name. The part in parentheses saying "PC/Mac first used on date" is added automatically.
  4. Click on the Migrate button and perform the Migration. Keep an eye on the dates to help distinguish between machines of the same name.
    Then download and open the License File (as prompted) which will automatically install all the licenses on your new computer.

Not Working?
If after successful migration you are still being prompted to buy, then take precise note of the title name of the resource you are being prompted to buy. It’s quite common for users to download the current version of maps from the Digital Map Store, some years after the original purchase, only to discover the maps have been updated. A discounted update fee is sometimes offered which may be as low as $10. Go ahead and click the Buy prompt in the software to find out the price of the latest maps.

If you decide to stick with the old edition that you purchased, sign in to you license management account on the web site ( here ). Click History. Your purchased packages are listed under My Packages. Click the name of the package, then click the Get Maps link. If the maps in the package are still available in the digital map store, they are listed with a Download button. If it says "No Maps Found", it is best to contact tech support. Sometimes we have a zip file of the old maps available in the archives and we can send you a link.

New Computer is shown as Dead

When you migrate the license from an old PC to a new one, the old one is marked as "Dead" in the device listing. These machines cannot be used any more for activation or migrating licenses. If you make a mistake doing a migration, you may find you accidentally migrated licenses away from a machine that is still in use. If this happens, please contact tech support. We can fix the mistake and walk you through the migration process.