GPS Debug File

Sometimes it is helpful to capture a file containing a copy of your input data for diagnostic purposes.

First, exit Memory-Map if it is running.

Next, find the desktop shortcut that you use to start Memory-Map. (If you don't have a desktop shortcut, create one now).

Right-click on the shortcut and select "Properties"

In the "Shortcut" tab, edit the "Start In" field, and enter the name of a folder that you will be able to find. You could use C:\Users\username\Desktop, or just "C:\"

Click OK to close the properties. Authorize the administrative privileges if prompted.

Then open Memory-Map using the shortcut.

Click the GPS, Setup menu command.

Enable the "Capture Debug file" checkbox, and click OK.

Continue as normal to capture the data sequence you want to diagnose. Usually only a few seconds is required, but make sure you give it enough time for the GPS to acquire a signal.

Exit the Memory-Map program.

Open the folder you set as the "Start In" folder. You should see a file there called "gps_debug.txt". You can open this file or send it to the Memory-Map tech support as needed.



Note, if you are using the AIS add-on, the add-on has it's own input data capture. In this case the GPS setting in the main Memory-Map should be set to "none".