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Memory-Map AIS on the PC

Please note: this applies to the legacy app, Memory-Map Navigator. We recommend using the new Memory-Map for All app for real-time navigation. It has AIS support built-in.

There are a few tricks to getting the Memory-Map AIS add-on working correctly.

The latest version of the Memory-Map Navigator PC app, and the AIS add-on may be downloaded from here.

You also need to install Memory-Map V5.4.4. This is necessary for operation of the MM-AIS add-on, but you should not be using 5.4.4. Always open the latest Memory-Map v6.x or later, before opening the MM-AIS addon. Memory-Map V5.4.4 can be downloaded here.

In the main Memory-Map app, you need to activate the Professional License, and the GPS License. Click Help, License Management, and check they are enabled (a temporary demo license is fine).

Next, there is a known bug when the AIVDO (AIS "Own Ship") data is combined with the GPS "RMC" data on the input. Please configure your GPS to only output GPS "RMC" data, and suppress the AIVDO data. If that is not possible, then you can install a PC Application called GPS Gate Splitter, and configure it to filter out the AIVDO sentences from your data stream.

To work together, the MM-AIS add-on and the main Memory-Map application both have to run with administrator priviledge. The easiest way to do this is to sign in to an administrator account.

Some users have reported success by using compatibility modes, either XP-SP3 or Windows 7 mode. However, it appears this is no longer necessary.

The iOS, Android and Mac apps all permit you to connect to a WiFi (TCP or UDP) NMEA data gateway. To do this on the PC, you can use GPS Gate Splitter to convert the WiFi data to a virtual COM port.

The message "The version of Memory-Map is too old to work with this software." may be cause by having an invalid value for the "TEMP" environment variable on your computer. The TEMP environment variable must contain the path to a directory that is writable by Memory-Map.