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Adventurer 2800 and 3500, Defender, etc

Memory-Map Inc is a software development company providing software and maps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. We do not currently sell or support any hardware devices, but our distributors have in the past sold various hardware devices, some of which carry the Memory-Map brand name. Some of these devices are over 10 years old and still going strong!

If you are still using a Memory-Map 2800 or 3500 device, please continue to use the compatible Windows PC software supplied with the device.  These devices are not compatible with any recent version of Memory-Map for Windows, and no updates are planned.  If you want to use a new downloadable map with your device, that can be done, but it is important to note that the map file format for downloaded maps has changed. You have to use the digital map store in an older version of Memory-Map on your PC to download the latest maps, and then transfer them to your 2800 or 3500 device in the normal way.  However, please note that we do not provide any support service for the older versions of Memory-Map or for the devices.

If you are using an Android device, these are compatible to the extent that we support other android devices. The current Memory-Map app requires Android 4.4. We do not provide operating system support or upgrades for any of these devices.

Amazon is changing the security protocol on our cloud servers, and old Android 4.4 devices (circa 2014) will not be able to download maps. They will continue to work with maps already downloaded. The change will come into effect on June 28 2023. See https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/security/tls-1-2-required-for-aws-endpoints/

If you need a hardware repair on any device, try contacting EVO Distribution Ltd or Snooper Ltd.

Our advice, frankly, is to use Memory-Map on a modern, mainstream smartphone, instead of any of these old devices. Many phones are waterproof, and when a device is sold to many millions of users, it will always be more reliable than a device with a small niche production run of a few hundred.