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Cloud Sync Troubleshooting

This article applies to the Memory-Map Cloud Sync feature on the original Android, iOS and Mac apps.

If you are using the newer Memory-Map for All app, most synchronization issues can be solved using the Overlays list, Menu, Fetch All from Cloud, or by Tap and hold (or right-click) on an overlay or on a category int the list, Send to Cloud.

The first thing to check is to look at your synced data on the web portal to see if the data you expect is there. Use this link to sign into your account and access the data.

Basic stuff

  • Check the device settings and make sure the time zone is set correctly. The Automatic setting on a phone should be fine.
  • Are you signed in to the correct user account? The app allows you to sign in using your email address instead of your User ID. That works for license activation, but unfortunately that doesn't work with the sync feature.
  • In the web portal, at the bottom of the page, you can see the size of your synced data and the number of times you have synced in the current calendar month.


As noted above, some users are signing in with an email address instead of their User ID. There is currently a bug in the Cloud-sync, and it doesn't work with the email address sign-in. It fails without any error message. If it appears that nothing is happening when you do a Cloud-sync on your device, please check the following:

  • Sign-in on the website https://w2.memory-map.com . You can sign in here with your email address.
  • Look at the top-right of the screen. The User ID is shown in blue.
  • Go back into the app, and tap the Settings, Map Licenses.
  • If it offers "Sign-Out" the go ahead and Sign-out, then tap Settings, Map Licenses again
  • Tap Sign-in and enter the User ID and password.

Note that the User ID is converted to lower case letters and numbers, punctuation and spaces are ignored, and it is truncated to 16 characters. If it is easier for you to enter the User ID with mixed case or punctuation, that will work fine. For some people the User ID is a stripped version of their email address, and that works too.

The reason we have a User ID is to uniquely identify an account. Email address change, and you can have multiple accounts with the same email address, and multiple email addresses associated with an account. The User ID is a better way to sign in.

Trouble uploading data to the cloud

If the data you collected (or modified) on the device does not appear on the web portal, then please proceed as follows:

  • In the Memory-Map app, go to the Overlays List, and tap the Marks tab. Then tap Menu>Non-Syncable.  Now tap Menu > Syncable. This has the effect of updating the modified timestamp on all marks, and making sure that syncing is enabled for all marks.
  • Repeat for Routes and Tracks.
  • Now tap Menu > Cloud Sync
  • Now, in a browser, go to the web portal and see if your data is there.

If it is not there, it could be that you are trying to sync too much data, and it is failing due to a network timeout. In this case, you can use Menu > Save All, to backup the marks, routes and tracks as GPX files. Next, use the Menu > Non-Syncable command in the Marks, Routes and Tracks tab, to disable syncing on all your data. You can then tap on an individual overlay item to edit it. On iOS the control to make the item syncable is accessed by tapping the gearwheel icon to the right of the Name. For Android and Mac, it is at the bottom of the main edit dialog. Set it syncable and tap Done/OK. Then do a Menu > Cloud Sync and check the web portal again.

Trouble downloading from cloud to device

If the data you are trying to transfer does appear in the web portal, then try this:

  • Using a browser, go to the web portal, and set the checkmark next to item(s) you are having problems syncing.
  • Click the Archive button. This removes the item from the set of data that is synced
  • Click the Show Archive button at the bottom of the page.
  • Select the checkmark next to your item again, and click Restore.
  • Click Show Synced Data. The item should be back in this list. Moving it to the archive and back has the effect of updating the Modified timestamp, which will cause it to be download next time you sync.
  • Now, in the app, go to the Overlays, and tap Menu > Cloud Sync. The item should appear in the overlays list.

If the item is in the overlays list, but is not shown at the expected location on the map, edit the item to make sure the "Visible" checkmark is enabled. Tap the View button, as it may be at a different location than you expected.

If the item is still not synced, it could be that the size of the data you are trying to transfer is causing network timeouts. In this case you should move all your data in the web portal into the Archive, then Restore just one item, and try syncing that.