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Having difficulty contacting Memory-Map

Occasionally, people say they sent us an email and didn't get a response. Please rest assured we never ignore incoming messages, and most tech support queries are answered the same day, even on weekends and holidays. If you don't get a response within a couple days, assume that we didn't receive your message.

We use a third-party system called Live Agent to handle customer communications. It has spam filtering system for incoming emails, but we don't have access to filtered messages, they are lost forever. Because of this, the most reliable way to contact is using the Contact form on our Support web page, which is never filtered.

When you fill in the form, please check that you enter your email address correctly. We can't respond if you enter the wrong email address.

Soon after you submit the web form, you should receive an automated response by email.  If you don't receive that auto-response within an hour or so, check your spam folder. It is possible that your ISP or email software is blocking the response. Try filling the form in again, using a different browser, and/or a different email address. 

The automatic response contains a link where you can view your case on our support web portal. If you receive the automated response, but you don't get a personal answer within a few days, click the link. Once again, the web portal is more reliable than email and you may find the response is there.

You can also browse our FAQ. Almost all support the queries that we receive are fully covered in the manuals and the FAQ. If you think what you are trying to do has been done before by many people, then the answer is in the FAQ. If you are installing the app on a new device, there is no need to send us a message! On the other hand, if there is something unique about your query, we are always glad to help and we welcome feedback.

Please understand that if you don't have a working browser or email system, then it is most unlikely that we will be able to help you with Memory-Map. If you are struggling with computers in general, it is best to ask a friend or family member for help or go to a computer repair/support provider. We don't offer technical support by phone.