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Glossary of Terms

This is article is a glossary of terms commonly used on the Memory-Map website and knowledge base:

 Term  Description
  DMS (Digital Map Store)

The Digital Map Store is our digital distribution platform for maps and charts.



iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. It is the default operating system on all iPhones, iPads and iPods.



Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. It is an open source operating system which means it can be used on a variety of devices such as mobile phones and tablets.


  Overlay Object(s)

An overlay object can be a mark, route or track. These are objects which you can place on top of maps.


  v5 or Version 5

Memory-Map products produced between 2005 and 2015 are v5 products, this means that they are compatible with the version 5 Memory-Map software on PC's.


  Index data/Placename index

This is what Memory-Map uses when you try to perform a search in the software (refer to .mmi in the file types below).


  Licence Management System

This is the system the Memory-Map software uses to record all your licences/activations against your Memory-Map account.


 File Type  Description
  .qct (Memory-Map Quickchart)

This is Map header file, it is required for the map to appear in the map list and points to the .qc3 file.
Note: In older maps this file also contained the map data.


  .qc3 (QC3 file)

This file contains all the map tiles. If you see a .qc3 file in the same location as a .qct (Memory-Map Quickchart) then it is required to display any mapping on that device.


  .mmi (MMI file)

This is the place name index, stores names of towns and cities for the search function.


  .qed (QED file)

This is the elevation data, shows the height of an area when you hover your cursor over it (PC only).
Note:: Only required for the PC software.


  .mmo (Memory-Map Overlay)

This is an overlay file which uses Memory-Maps own propriety overlay format. 



  .gpx (GPS Exchange)

This is an overlay file which uses an open source overlay format that is supported In a multitude of navigational program. This is the default file format used by the Memory-Map 6 software application, iOS and Android apps
Note: The Memory-Map app on iOS and Android can only read overlays saved in this format.



  .mmlicinst (Licence file)

This is a file containing licence data for a PC device. They are used in the PC licence migration process and can be downloaded from our Licence Management System.