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Memory-Map 6 What has changed?

Memory-Map 6 has been updated from Memory-Map V5 to improve performance and stability whilst adding some great new features such as CloudSync and AutoRouting

Cloud Sync enables you to transfer routes, marks and tracks to and from your devices via the internet ‘cloud’ rather than having to email or connect your device.

AutoRouting lets you create a 'rough route' with as few as two waypoints - so just A to B - and then go online to optimise the route for driving, cycling or walking. This adds more waypoints to automatically create a route along main roads, minor roads or footpaths. Note that like most 'satnav' autorouting this works best for on-road use as the Internet footpath database is far from complete. We do find it great for driving directions though..

Memory-Map 6 will install alongside existing Memory-Map V5 using a new desktop icon. This means you can continue to use Memory-Map V5 if prefer as the new Ordnance Survey 2016 maps will work in either version.

Click Here for a detailed list of changes in Memory-Map for Windows PC.