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Sample Page Layouts

The Page Layout in Memory-Map for All is completely configurable. This allows you to change the data fields and buttons that are displayed, change the size and position of the items, and change the number of pages. See this page in the manual

You can save your layout and share it with friends or colleagues.

This article contains links to some alternative layouts that you may like to use. You can download the file and "Open With" Memory-Map for All to install the layout. Or use the Layout Pages, Import command.

  • Basic Map Only. This is for people who want a simple app with no extra pages or data boxes. All you have is the map. Most of the functionality of the app is still accessible in the menus. (Note that if you have only one page in the layout, the page buttons are hidden, further de-cluttering the screen).
  • Tablet toolbar. This layout for tablet laptop or desktop resembles a more traditional Windows app with a row of buttons at the top.
  • Stuart Greig @LoneWalkerUK posted his 3-page layout for walking, on twitter HERE
  • Glenn Stampalia contributed this layout for 4WD navigation (tablet-landscape only)

  • More to come... if you'd like to contribute your favorite layout, we would be happy to list it here!