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Linux installation tips

Installation of Memory-Map for All is quite a bit more complicated that installing on Windows or Mac.  We are assuming Linux users know how to use the command shell to unzip a file and run the executable. There is no apt or yum package to install, you just unpack the tar.gz file and execute the program.

The executable file is called "MMfA". You can cd to the MMfA.appdir directory and type ./MMfA

Creating an Icon on your desktop or in your Window manager's app folder is left as an exercise for the user. We provide an install.sh script and a desktop file which may be helpful but don't ask our support staff for help.

If you have any problems running the program, run it from the shell and check the output for any diagnostic messages. You may see messages about incompatible libraries.

If one of the system libraries is incompatible, you can provide a different version by placing it in the MMfA.appdir/lib folder. The program will search this folder for libraries before searching the system directories. Note that some libraries are dynamically loaded when needed and will not show up with the ldd command.

The current version of MMfA (1.3.1) was built using Ubuntu 22. 

You may find you need to install the xcb-util-cursor or libxcb-cursor0 package:

$ sudo apt install libxcb-cursor0