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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plan for Memory-map Navigator on the Windows PC? Is Memory-Map for All going to replace MMNav?

We plan to continue to support Memory-Map Navigator for the foreseeable future. The new app adds much-needed functionality for real-time navigation and Windows touchscreens, but we continue to recommend MMNav for at-home planning and printing.

Can I run both apps on the same device?

Yes, they will operate completely separately, except on Windows MMfA will pick up your existing Maps and license info.

On iOS, Android and Mac, the app is completely separate and is not able to access maps installed in the old app. You have to either copy them or download them again.

On Android, the original Memory-Map app allows you to manually copy maps to the Download folder or onto the SD card. Due to Android's "Scoped Storage" rules, this is not permitted for any new apps. Memory-Map for All does not access any data or maps outside the app, except when explicitly importing or exporting files.  IT DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS TO MAPS STORED IN THE ORIGINAL MEMORY-MAP APP!

How can I load my maps and overlay data?

See https://memory-map.com/mm-fa-help/topics/purchased-maps.htm

and https://memory-map.com/mm-fa-help/topics/gettingstarted-sync.htm

My phone appears as a separate device in the License Management account. Will this use up my allowed activations?

Yes, it uses a different hardware ID in some cases. However, all recent products use "Automatic" license management, and you should be able to activate maps without any problem.  The license is for a single user, not for a set number of installations, so you don't need to worry about "using up" your license. If your account says "Automatic-On-Hold", contact us and we'll reset it for you.