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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plan for Memory-map Navigator on the Windows PC? Is Memory-Map for All going to replace MMNav?

We plan to continue to support Memory-Map Navigator for the foreseeable future. The new app adds much-needed functionality for real-time navigation and Windows touchscreens, but we continue to recommend MMNav for at-home planning and printing.

Can I run both apps on the same device?

Yes, they will operate completely separately, except on Windows MMfA will pick up your existing Maps and license info.

How can I load my maps and overlay data?

See https://memory-map.com/mm-fa-help/topics/purchased-maps.htm

and https://memory-map.com/mm-fa-help/topics/gettingstarted-sync.htm

My phone appears as a separate device in the License Management account. Will this use up my allowed activations?

Yes, it uses a different hardware ID in some cases. However, all recent products use "Automatic" license management, and you should be able to activate maps without any problem. If your account says "Automatic-On-Hold", contact us and we'll reset it for you.