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Connecting a GPS

The Memory-Map for Mac application can connect to external GPS or an NMEA data stream using a serial port, USB serial device, Bluetooth, or WiFi (TCP/IP or UDP).
It can also connect to the MacOS location service. However we believe this only provides a static location from WiFi and is not suitable for real time navigation. It is possible that in the future there may be a built-in GPS that works through the location service.

Note: The GPS connect can only be used for real time positioning and instrumentation. Direct transfer of marks, routes, and tracks is not supported because the interface requirements are so diverse. In order to transfer overlays you can import or export the industry standard GPX file format. Some GPS devices (such as Garmin) have a mass storage mode, where you can directly copy GPX files to and from the GPS.  

In order to connect a compatible GPS press GPS > SETUP and click TYPE OF GPS CONNECTION

You can connect a typical USB 'puck' style GPS to the Mac, or use a USB to Serial adaptor to connect to an NMEA 0183 interface. Check with your USB device manufacturer for a Mac OS driver. 

To connect a Bluetooth GPS or NMEA to a Bluetooth device, first close the Memory-Map for Mac app and go to the Bluetooth settings in System Preferences. Turn on the GPS and make it discoverable, then connect it to create a pairing. Now in the Memory-Map for Mac app go to GPS Settings. You need to selecvt the Serial connection because Mac OS treats the Bluetooth device as a serial port. There will be two Bluetooth serial ports: one called 'Bluetooth-incoming-port', which is typically NOT the one you want and the other may be called something like 'Bluetooth<name>SPP', this typically WILL be the one you want.

The Memory-Map for Mac app can connect to a specific IP address and port number using TCP/IP, and is compatible with most NMEA to WiFi adaptors or AIS units with built in WiFi. Refer to your device instructions to setup the WiFi network and determine the IP address and port number that you want to listen to.