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OS Streetview Downloads

The Digital Map Store is designed to only display the current edition of maps and charts.
This is done to prevent people from downloading or purchasing older editions of the maps or charts which may have out-of-date and incorrect information mistakenly from the Digital Map Store servers.

However if you have purchased an older Memory-Map OS Street View product in the download format and wish to restore it on your devices then please refer to the table below:

   OS Street View Edition   Download Link
   OS Street View 2012    Download here
   OS Street View 2014    Download here
   OS Street View 2015    Download here
   OS Street View 2016    Download here
   OS Street View 2017    Download here

The file supplied above is a header file which will enable you to download the OS Street View mapping onto your device.
To use this file please follow the steps below....


  • Download the relevant file above
  • Copy the QCT file into C:/Maps/DMS folder (or where on your PC you store your mapping)
  • Launch the Memory-Map software and refresh the map list as normal
  • Open a base map such as OS Route Planner and scroll to the area of GB that you wish to obtain in OS Street View mapping
  • Press Map > Map List and open the OS Street View map
  • The Memory-Map application will now automatically begin to download the mapping


  • Create a folder named maps in your Documents folder
  • Download the relevant file above
  • Copy the QCT file into the maps folder
  • Double click on the QCT file in the maps folder
  • The Memory-Map for Mac application will launch and automatically begin to download the mapping
  • Press Activate if prompted


  • Download the relevant file above onto your PC
  • Copy the QCT file into the Android devices internal storage location of Download/Memory-Map
  • Launch the Memory-Map app
  • Press Map > More Maps > All Maps on Device > Map Types and set Street to ON
  • Press Back
  • Select the OS Street View map
  • The Memory-Map app will now automatically begin downloading the mapping


  • Email the relevant text link below to your iOS device
  • Tap on the text link on your iOS device
  • Doing this will force the Memory-Map iOS app to open and begin downloading the relevant map