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Printing: chunks of map are missing

The PC printing functionality has a bug, which causes it to print white chunks (or a completely white page, with just the grid and overlay objects), if the underlying map data is not completely downloaded.

So, before you print, Zoom out to view the whole area you want to print on the screen, then click the Map menu, Digital Map Store, Activate Visible Map. (If you are running version 6.2.x, this menu command is renamed "Download Map Area in Window").

When you scroll around, viewing the map while zoomed-out, it only downloads enough data to display the zoomed-out image on the screen. Because the printer is (usually) higher resolution than your screen, it needs the data at all zoom levels.

There are several ways to ensure areas of your map are fully downloaded. For details, see: http://memory-map.com/mm-PC-help.htm?Digital_Map_Shop.htm