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Cloud Sync not syncing data

Some customers are having a problem with data not syncing between the android device and the cloud. These may be caused by having the incorrect time, or the incorrect time zone set on your device(s). Cloud-sync requires accurate timestamps to decide what information needs to be synced.

The first thing to check is to look at your synced data on the web portal to see if the data you expect is there. Use this link to sign into your account and access the data.

Next, try editing the data item (eg, slightly changing the name). Then cloud-sync again on the device on which you edited the data. Look on the web to see it the change is there. Often all you need is to bump the timestamp on the data and it works.

If the data is still not getting through, we recommend giving the app a clean re-start. First, tap Menu, Overlays, Menu, Save All Marks. Repeat to save all Routes and Track. This stores all your data as GPX files in the Download/Memory-Map area.

Next, uninstall and reinstall the Memory-Map app from the Play store. Alternatively, you can go to the Settings, Apps, Memory-Map, Storage and "Clear Data" (the precise location of this command depends on the version of Android).

When the app is re-started, tap Menu, Settings, Map Licenses, and sign in to your account.

Then tap Menu, Overlays, Menu, Cloud Sync.

Tap Menu, Overlay, Menu, Load Saved Data to load in the GPX files you saved. If these contain some already-synced data, they will be merged and will not create duplicates.