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Marine Chart Package Downloads

The Digital Map Store is designed to only display the current edition of charts, this is done to prevent people from downloading or purchasing older editions of the charts which will have out-of-date and incorrect information mistakenly from the Digital Map Store servers.

However if you have purchased an older Marine Chart product in the download format and wish to restore it on your devices then please refer to the table below:

   Marine Chart edition   Download Link
   Marine Charts 2011    Download here
   Marine Charts 2012    Download here
   Marine Charts 2013    Download here
   Marine Charts 2014    Download here
   Marine Charts 2015    Download here
   Marine Charts 2016    Download here
   Marine Charts 2017    Download here
   Marine Charts 2018    Download here

The charts come in a compressed .zip file, once downloaded you will need to do the following to add them into the Memory-Map PC software:

  1. Open the .zip file, it contains multiple .qct files.
  2. Select all the .qct files and right-click and select Copy
  3. Navigate to C:\Maps or where you normally store your maps
  4. Right-click an empty space in this folder and select New Folder
  5. Name the folder ‘marine
  6. Open the marine folder and right-click an empty space, select Paste
  7. Let Windows move the files from the .zip into the marine folder.
  8. Launch Memory-Map
  9. Click Map > Map List… > Refresh Map List… > Ok
  10. Now the Map List will populate with all the marine charts.