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Memory-Map Remote Control

To quickly resolve your issues we may invite you to join a remote control session. This means we will be able to see exactly what is happening on your PC screen and can talk you through as we resolve your issue.

The Memory-Map Remote Control tool is fully secure. It does not install any software on your PC but instead uses a fully password protected run time application. This means that only you can initiate a remote control session and we can only connect to your PC during this session when you tell us the ID and password.

When invited to join a remote control session:
  1. Click the link to download the Memory-Map Remote Control program. Download Memory-Map Remote Control
  2. Run the program
  3. You may get a User Account Control window asking 'Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?', Click Yes
  4. A disclaimer window will then appear, read this carefully and click Accept
  5. The Memory-Map Remote Control program will appear displaying an ID and password (like the window below)

  6. You will need to call us and provide us with the details. (note your id and password will be different to those shown above)