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Hema 4WD maps On Sale

We are getting quite a few questions about our discounted pricing for upgrades in the Digital Map Store

The prices you see in the Digital Map Store are the sale prices. You don't have to do anything special to get the discount. The normal prices for the Australian products are $149 for the Hema 4WD all-platform package and $99 for each of the state topos. The prices have been at those levels for many years and have never been on sale before this year.

We used to have the Hema 4WD maps for just iOS/Android and for PC/Mac as separate packages. We are no longer selling these as they cause some difficulties when people buy the wrong package, and we want to encourage cross-platform use.

If you bought the Hema 4WD app from the apple appstore, you are now eligible to the upgrade package to use the maps on other platforms. You have to sign-in from the Hema 4WD app in order for it to count towards your eligibility. On the Flip-side, tap Settings, Map Licenses, Sign-in (Or sign-out then sign-in again). Then tap the link to buy the Hema 4WD maps again and you should see the Upgrade price.  If it only shows the $99 package, that means you are not eligible for the upgrade... perhaps you made a purchase using a different account. Please contact us if you feel you should be eligible.

In order to access the 60% discount on Topo maps, you first purchase one of the current Topo maps, then you will be eligible for the Upgrade price on another Topo map purchase. You have to put though two separate transactions. It is not possible to buy two packages at the same time.