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Lifetime Licence VS Subscription

When purchasing a Memory-Map product you can now choose between a lifetime* or annual subscription licence. Both of these licences have the same maps, Memory-Map software features and allow use on up to 5 devices.
The key differences between the lifetime* and subscription licences are:


Lifetime* Licence

Subscription Licence

Software and Map expiry

None - Lifetime*

12 months

Map updates

Optional upgrade purchase

Free updates**

Software updates

Revisions free, major versions optional purchase

Revisions and major versions free


USB or Download

Download only

* Software and maps will last for as long as we can support them on the operating systems and devices specified in the system requirements at time of purchase. Optional map and major software version updates via discounted upgrade purchase.
** If a map is updated partway through the active subscription period, the system will automatically add the access to the new map to the account.