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Installing previously purchased maps on a new Android device

When we buy a new phone or tablet, we can restore from the backup and we expect all our apps to have exactly the same content as in your old phone. Unfortunately, Google does not permit us to store our maps in the backup, because of the size of the data. However, it is easy to recover your data:

From the main screen, tap the maps button.

Tap the Menu button (top right)

Tap Map Licenses

If you have a Memory-Map user account, tap Sign In, and enter your user name and password. (If you forgot your user name or password, click HERE).

Then, back in the Maps dialog, in the top row, select My Online Maps.

In the second row, select Maps Everywhere

The maps you purchased are now listed in the Map list. You may have to expand the relevant section by tapping the arrows (be sure to open Old Editions, as it is possible that a newer edition of your map has been published)

When you purchased the maps, your account holds the "Activation Rights".  When you open the map, it may prompt you to "Activate".  Don't worry, it is not asking you to buy them map again! Go ahead an tap Activate.  If you have already used the map on several other devices, then your account may have run out of activations. In this case you can Migrate your licenses from one of your old devices. See HERE.

Notes / Troubleshooting:

  • Some people have more than one account. Did you sign in to the same account that you used to purchase the map? Try doing a password reset on different email accounts that you may have used.
  • If the app asks you to Activate or Purchase the map, and you want to move you license from an old device, then you can Migrate your licenses from the old device. See HERE.
  • Most maps are available for download from the Digital Map Store for many years after we stop selling that edition. However, some maps are removed a short time after a new edition is published, depending on the license terms of the original publisher. If your map is not listed, you can load the maps from another device by connecting the device to a PC... or simply buy the new edition.