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What to do if the Android app is crashing persistently

This article has general advice on how to proceed in the event that the Android app is crashing persistently. Thankfully crashes are very rare (less than 0.1% of users), but it can be very annoying if it happens to you! So here is what you can do.

First, it is very helpful if you can report the details of your crash, through the Google Usage and Diagnostics settings.

  1. Find "Google Settings" in one of these places (depending on your device):

    • In your main Settings app, scroll down and tap Google

    • Open a separate app called Google Settings Google Settings

  2. At the top right, tap More More.

  3. Tap Usage & diagnostics.

  4. Tap On

When you have diagnostics turned on, re-run Memory-Map until it crashes, then if it prompts you to send the crash log to Google, tap Yes. We do analyse all crash logs carefully.

Next, the way to stop the app crashing is to remove the data files that are causing the crash. Nearly all the crash logs we see are due to corrupted map files. So what we need to do is rename the map folder, so that the app does not see any of your map files (we will address how to recover your maps, below).

You will need a File manager app, on your device, or connect the device to a PC so you can use the Windows file manager.

Go to the "Download" folder in the main storage area of your device. You will see a sub-folder in there called "Memory-Map". Rename the Memory-Map folder to something different (like "Memory-MapXXX"). If you have a secondary storage SD card, and if it has a "Download/Memory-Map" folder, do the same (rename the folder) on there too. Or just remove the secondary SD card.

Re-run Memory-Map. It will download a fresh copy of the basemap for your current location. All of your overlay data should still be present. Verify that the app does not crash using just this map.

If it does still crash, then you need to completely wipe all it's data, by going to the Settings app and then, Apps > Memory-Map > Storage > "CLEAR DATA". This will delete your overlay data (hopefully, you did make a backup, or use the Cloud Sync feature). At this point go back to the "Download" folder and delete the Memory-Map folder that was just re-created. When you run Memory-Map now, it will have a completely fresh start. When you sign into your Memory-Map account, it will automatically restore your license data, and you can Cloud Sync to restore your overlay data.

Now, when you have the app running stably again, you need to re-download your maps. You could try moving map files one-by-one from your old Memory-Map folder, and carefully testing to see if they cause the app to crash. However, our recommendation is to download a fresh copy. Downloading maps in bulk is covered in this tutorial video and article.

For help finding and downloading the correct maps that you purchased, see this article.