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Transferring maps using a PC or Mac

In order to transfer map files either to or from the Hammer Active please follow the relevant guide below:

From the Hammer Active
If you have purchased a Memory-Map Map Pack you can copy the map files from the Hammer Active to your PC or Mac. The steps to do this are:

  • Create a new folder on the hard drive and name it Maps
  • Connect the Hammer Active to the PC or Mac as normal
  • Open the drive named MM_GPS_XX (XX is the type of Map Pack i.e. MM_GPS_50K is for the OS Landranger Map Pack)
  • Open the folder named Download
  • Right click on the folder named Memory-Map and select Copy
  • Open the newly created Maps folder on the hard drive
  • Right click and select Paste

To the Hammer Active 
The Hammer Active is a exFAT based device and as such can have the maps files stored on it in their entirety as long as you have enough storage space.

  • Connect the Hammer Active to the PC or Mac as normal
  • Open either the Internal Storage drive or the microSD card (depending on where you wish to store the map files)
  • Open the Download folder
  • Open the Memory-Map folder
  • Open the folder on your PC or Mac that is used to store the map files (by default this is Maps_V5 or Maps on PC and com.memory-map.macapp for DMS based maps or the folder that was created to store media based maps on Mac)
  • Copy both the QCT and QC3 files for the map to the Memory-Map folder