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Video: New Features in Version 1.1

Memory-Map for All has the following new features in version 1.1, demonstrated in the video below.

Added Irish Grid (Settings>Units>Position Format)

Windows: Prevent from sleeping during map download.

Windows: Display>Keep screen on

Fixed spurious invalid positions while GPS is valid

Option to use a text label at mark/WP instead of icon (Name or multiline Notes)

Added altitude settings with option to use barometer, GPS or a blend.

Added tracklog Ascent/Descent metrics

Added support for Pen/Pencil/Stylus. Draw detailed routes with a stroke of the Pen/Pencil, or Ctrl-drag with mouse.

Busy indicator while online

Button to dismiss status message

Adjustable Auto-hide UI controls timeout in Display Settings

Separate setting for Height units

Several bug/crash fixes

Cloud Sync: Force upload of selected objects in Overlays list

Cloud Sync: Fetch all objects from cloud, discarding local changes.

Added Static text layout item

Added Keyboard shortcuts