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Migrate licenses from an old PC to a new PC

If you appear to have lost activation rights for your software or maps, it may be that you need to Migrate you license to a new device.

Sometimes, even if you have not changed the actual device, it is possible for Memory-Map to identify it as multiple instances of a device, which the license management system thinks are different. This can happen due to operating system changes/updates.

Migrating the licence from an old PC to a new PC allows you to take all of the software and map activations from an old PC that you are no longer using and put them onto a new PC. This means the new PC will be ready to use with Memory-Map, and any Digital Map Store maps you downloaded previously on the old PC can be downloaded to the new PC free of charge.

To migrate the licence follow the steps below:

  1. On the new PC install Memory-Map and click Help > License Management.... Click the Sign In button and sign in with your existing user name and password and then, when prompted enter a new unique name for your new PC so that you can identify it in the next few steps. If you do not have the Help > License Management... menu option in the software download and install the latest version of Memory-Map from here.
  2. Click Help > Licence Management and then click Online Info. A web page control panel will appear in your web browser. Click the History button and scroll down to the My Activations section and locate the name of the old PC you wish to move the licence from. The status of the PC must read 'Active' in order to move the licence from it. If you click on the name of the PC you can review what software features and mapping is activated on that particular PC.
  3. Once you have confirmed the old PC you want to move the licence from click the Migrate License button at the top of the page. In the Old Machine/Device Name box select the old PC you want to move the licence from (as determined in step 2) and in the New Machine/Device Name box select the new PC you named in step 1.
  4. Click the Migrate Licences button and confirm that the details you have selected are correct. To finalise the migration click the Confirm Migration button.
  5. You will be given an file to run on the new PC. Save the file first and then when it has downloaded open/run it to install the licences (if you have difficulties running the file then click here). A message should appear on screen confirming that the licences were installed. Close Memory-Map if it is still running and then open it and click Help > License Management... to confirm the licences have been installed correctly.

If you downloaded maps via Digital Map Shop you can now download the same areas of mapping as you did before without using any credits. If you try to download and activate an area of mapping you did not have on your previous PC then you will be asked to use credits to activate it.

Tip: If you still have access to the files on your old PC you can save yourself having to download the maps again by copying the C:\Maps_V5 folder (if using Memory-Map V5) or the C:\Maps folder (if using Memory-Map 6) from the old PC to the new one. If you then refresh the map list in Memory-Map all your previous maps should appear as they did on your old PC